Your Water Challenges Met With Our Superior Technology and Service


CWT's process kills all bacteria (aerobic and anaerobic) and greatly reduces scaling at high flow rates using CWT's patented nano-technology. Our end result is clean, bacteria free, usable structured fluid from our mobile, self contained unit.

In the past, produced water was traditionally disposed of via evaporation ponds and Class II deep injection wells. Today, we are helping the oil and natural gas industry to treat, recycle and reuse produced water and flowback. This results in significant cost savings and increased operational efficiency and capacity by remediating these waste waters into a reusable, structured fluid with predictable characteristics.

In summary, CWT's process:

  • Specific Purpose Programmable discharge Structured Fluids are continuously available.
    Process reuses all of the fluid. Unwanted byproducts are filtered into associated dumpsters
    Discharge fluid is filtered to 5 microns
    Essentially iron-free fluid.
    Requires 480- 3 phase power.
    Continuously operating process.
    Remotely monitored and on-site operator controlled.
    Controls Paraffin, Corrosion, Asphaltenes and Bacteria.