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We are committed to providing our customers with a high volume, mobile, eco-friendly system that cost effectively recycles waste waters and produces the cleanest, most desirable structured fluid without the use of harmful chemical additions.

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CWT's Nano-technology had it's beginnings in 2000 as a vehicle to determine if the billions of barrels of produced water being disposed of annually in the USA had any practical use. Thoughts of recreational lakes, new drinking water sources and reuse of oil and gas production water were the goals discussed by the Department of Energy, Sandia National Laboratory, Lea County Soil and Water District and Tim Coakley on a pilot test site in Lea County, New Mexico. The technology proved to be successful and began with a two gallon per minute pilot system that produced drinking quality water from produced water. From the beginning in 2000, the technology progressed rapidly. A new remediation design was configured into a mobile rig in 2007. In 2011, clean salt water gained acceptance as a valid makeup stock for Frac operations. In 2014, CWT designed and implemented a new toxic fluid re-manufacturing design with SCADA controlled technology that is in use with the current systems.